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Oracle Text Search Performance issue with frequent words [message #622930] Tue, 02 September 2014 03:00 Go to next message
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We are using the oracle text search with Context index and contains function in the query. But when we search for the keywords which occur so frequently is taking more time to give the results. But if we execute the query with same words second time it is performing well.
We are using the query template and progression with sequence to order the results.
We are using, FIRST_ROWS hint in the query, gathering stats on the table. Query is getting generated dynamically based on the user input to say in which columns the input words have to be found, so it is little tough for us to use bind variables in the query. But ready to add the bind the variables if it improves the performance so much.

Please let me know whether we can do some additional configuration to improve the performance.

More info:
We refresh the data in search table with some frequency like thrice a day using a scheduled procedure. So is it good to execute some queries with frequent words so that those words get cached in the DB or will be used while deciding the execution plan.

Thanks In advance for your help.

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Lalit Kumar B
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Your question is about Oracle text, so I have moved it to Text and interMedia forum.

Please read and follow the OraFAQ Forum Guide and How to use [code] tags, to enable us to help you.

If your question is specific about performance, please read How to tune SQL or Identify Performance Problem and Bottleneck and provide the required details.
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Barbara Boehmer
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The reason that the same query runs faster the second time is because it can re-use the query in the SGA without hard parsing it again. If you use bind variables, then the same query with any values for the bind variables runs as fast the first time as running the query the second time. With the bind variables, Oracle sees it as the same query, no matter what the variable values are, and uses the query in the SGA, without having to hard parse it again. You need to structure your query so that it is the same query each time, but with different values for the bind variables.
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