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Naming conventions: What do you call your Container DB's? [message #635831] Thu, 09 April 2015 13:37 Go to next message
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more of an idle question as I start to draw up the architecture for my Container DB test. What does everybody CALL Their container DB's?

The Oracle Training and OBE sessions typically call the containers CDB1 and the pluggable databases PDB1, PDB2, etc. for a reason, so I'm trying to poll the rest of the community what they ended up choosing.

I'll illustrate a bit with example:
Our servers are something along the lines of [environment]-[app]-rac-[##], ie.
-dev-crm-db-01, dev-crm-db-02
-stg-ebs-db-01, stg-ebs-db-02
or in the case of a big RAC pool in which we're hoping to store a bunch of smaller DB's that aren't necessarily related.
-prod-rac-01, prod-rac-02, prod-rac-03, etc
Inside, we have one grid infrastructure home (obviously) and multiple DB's each separated into their own ORACLE_HOME (for more segmented patching). I'm aware that somebody like Tom Kyte would crap all over putting multiple DB's in one server cluster because it messes up resource plans..it's just the way we've done it.

my existing cluster/scan names are pretty much sequence name. to me it's a little unintuitive and I'm struggling to find something more logical.
-prod-rac-01-clus (first rac cluster using prod-rac-01,02
-prod-rac-02-clus (second rac cluster prod-rac-03,04,05)

my DB naming scheme is likely similar to what a lot of other places have: [app][environment]. instance #'s are obviously tagged on at the end. ie.

IF I'm sticking each of these 'smaller' db's into a container, those PDB names won't change. They'll be migrated to 12c, then we plug them in.

If I only had one container RAC cluster per environment, I'd simply call them
-CDBPRD, etc.etc.
...but what if I end up having a second CDB RAC cluster? It's very likely because if I patch, I could accomplish this by unplugging a PDB (say, CRMDEV) from one CDBDEV to another patched CDBDEV.
Just wondering what the community has come up with. Cheers =]
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>What does everybody CALL Their container DB's?
I call mine Sam.

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