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Information about the usenet group (also called CDO server):

Group's charter[edit] is a newsgroup to discuss Oracle server and database administration subjects. Any topic which is especially of interest to those performing database or system administration duties is welcome in this group. Discussions of software and applications designed to aid in database administration should be carried in this group.

The following list is a sample of topics which are included in this news group:

  • Oracle database or server installation
  • Database creation and development
  • Database administration, tuning, monitoring
  • Techniques for more efficient access
  • Importing and Exporting data
  • Tools and applications designed to aid in database administration.


This group will be a channel for database-administration-specific topics, a major area of Oracle discussions. The "server" suffix was chosen by a majority of respondents to a straw poll taken in It was felt that this name would be most understandable to everyone working with the Oracle database software, since the server is the most commonly used term for the computer system where the actual database data is maintained.

The suffix for this newsgroup has been a major problem in this reorganization. Both dba and admin have been suggested, as well as the proposed server. It has been pointed out that admin would be confused with computer administration, business administration, or administration of the* newsgroups.

It is felt that the dba suffix is less desirable than server because it is an acronym, usually discouraged in newsgroup names. Additionally, the dba suffix may discourage those who are not database administrators from participating in the group, as they may feel that it is an exclusive group for DBA's only.


This newsgroup was created after it passed its vote for creation by 231:25 as reported in news.announce.newgroups on 5 October 1996. This group was created on 10 October, 1996.

Current status[edit]

Open, unmoderated

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