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Oracle JDeveloper FAQ - Oracle's Java IDE:

How does one set runtime parameter in JDeveloper?[edit]

Navigate to Project |--> Project Properties... |--> Run/Debug and enter field parameters. These parameters will be picked up when you execute a Java program from JDeveloper.

public static void main([i]String[] args[/i]) { ...

What is InfoBus DAC and what is it used for?[edit]

InfoBus DAC (Data Aware Controls) is a standard Java extension used in JDeveloper to create data aware forms. It replaced the JBCL interface that were used in JDeveloper V1 and V2. More info about Infobus are available from the following URL: http://java.sun.com/beans/infobus/

To use InfoBus DAC, import javax.infobus.*; into your Java programs.