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AWR (Automatic Workload Repository) is a built-in repository (in the SYSAUX tablespace) that exists in every Oracle Database. At regular intervals, the Oracle Database makes a snapshot of all of its vital statistics and workload information and stores them in the AWR.


AWR was first introduced with Oracle 10g.


Only users that licensed Oracle Enterprise Manager Diagnostic Pack are entitled to use AWR. Other users should continue to use Statspack.

Change snapshot settings[edit]

        retention => 43200,
        interval  => 10);
SELECT * FROM dba_hist_wr_control;

Also see[edit]

  • ADDM - Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor
  • Statspack - tool for taking and comparing database performance snapshots

External links[edit]

  • spViewer Tools - tools for AWR and STATSPACK performance data analysis and tuning
  • Performance Explorer-i - tool for automated Oracle AWR and statspack performance spikes root cause analysis

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